PETROF, Europe's largest manufacturer of acoustic grand and upright pianos. Since 1864, when Antonín Petrof designed his first piano, Petrof have manufactured around 630,000 instruments.

All Petrof piano production is made in Europe. Petrof retains a European tradition of more than 145 years. That’s how they got “The sound of a PETROF piano” We invite you to enter the wonderful world of Czech-quality pianos.


PETROF has been popular among musicians, particularly for its exceptionally soft, gentle, round and romantic tone. Petrof provides magnificent Dynamics of precision in their mechanisms. The best quality materials are a crucial part of our construction process. Pianos are built almost exclusively by hand by highly trained professional craftsmen.

Countless popular artists and well-known personalities have fallen in love with PETROF instruments.


Traditionally, PETROF is known as an innovator in the development of acoustic pianos. They set up the Research and Department office in 1954, which still presists today. Due to the methodical approach of our experts and the cooperation of other technical workers, we can claim a number of honours and patents. In addition to the harmonic acoustic of pianos, their fields of focus include resonance, signal analysis, assessment of wood and metal qualities, invention of different measurement Techniques.


PETROF pianos would not be what they are without professional master piano builders, intoners and tuners they could hardly have gained such international fame, or would they boast their signature romantic sound that music lovers around the world appreciate.


Careful procurement of products is followed by actual development. The most important aspect is obviously high quality wood - especially spruce for making a soundboard - the heart of PETROF grands and uprights. They use a number of various types of wood to make a piano. The use of specific types of wood for each section of the instrument is not arbitrary, but is the consequence of our many years in the industry. Years of research and development have enabled them to determine which specific woods are more appropriate for the purposes.


Here are just a few of our amazing clients we have the pleasure to have worked with over the years


Petrof P159 Bora

P 159 BORA The little big grand piano Its size is the only thing that makes the Bora a small instrument. As soon as the hammers hit the strings, you will discover its wonderful, rich and surprisingly powerful sound. Once again we have put the very best materials, technology and design features of concert instruments into its construction. Its potential greatly transcends its actual size. Professional players favour it for practice purposes and domestic use.

Petrof P173 Breeze

P 173 BREEZE. (Romantic spirit) The Breeze has gentle and romantic caress. Its effortless touch renders it all the more inspiring and personal. If you let it, it will reach into the innermost recesses of your soul. With its kind assistance you will dare to venture where previously you might have been afraid even to look. Its perfect proportions make it an enhancement to any stylish household or educational institution.

Petrof P284 Mistral

P 284 MISTRAL (Perfection without compromise) We present to you our masterpiece, the flagship of the PETROF brand - the Mistral concert grand. Measuring 2,840 mm in length it is our largest piano, and is beloved of musicians the world over chiefly for its tremendous bass and resonant treble. Artists find in it a trusty companion when performing the most demanding works; it also has a highly presentable appearance and possesses the soft, romantic tone so characteristic of all PETROF grand pianos.

Petrof P237 Monsoon

P237 MONSOON (The professional's dream come true) The Monsoon grand boasts a refined, balanced sound, which is best suited to large music halls and recording studios. It has a characteristic romantic tone, and allows musicians complete scope for the expression of their feelings with its faultless action and speed of response. This is an instrument built by the best and most experienced masters of their craft. It represents the optimal balance between size and performance and makes for an impressive addition to a prestigious hotel or any other formal space.

Petrof P210 Pasat

ABOUT THE P 210 PASAT (Pride in every tone) PETROF�s best-selling grand piano and the darling of musical exhibitions - this is the masterly P210 Pasat grand. Its dimensions allow its sound to stand out even in the smallest spaces: chamber music salons, studios and in the home. Anywhere you choose it will conjure up the atmosphere of the most famous concert halls. The list of its successes fills us with parental pride. We shall feel honoured if you too fall in love with its romantic, clear and singing tone.

Petrof P194 Storm

P 194 STORM Arouses a storm of emotions The Storm is true to its name, being the piano with the greatest sound potential of the whole Standard Series. It imprints a deep emotional experience within the pianist, and in the hearts of the listeners, that often cannot be put into words. The uniqueness of the moment will strike you as soon as you hear the first sounds coming from this the largest piano in the Standard Series. Its versatility builds bridges across musical genres. It is popular with a demanding clientele and colleges of music, as well as for musical performances at smaller halls and functions.

Petrof P118 C1

P 118 C1 CHIPPENDALE In building this instrument we devote special attention to the wood carving. Its precise design makes the P 118 C1 upright a work of art in the style of Chippendale. The piano goes with any matching interior , where it will draw attention with its perfect construction and its characteristic singing tone, which will stir the hearts of every pianist and his audience.

Petrof P118 R1

P 118 R1 ROCOCO As its name suggests, the P 118 R1 upright is built by our piano-making craftsmen in the Rococo style. This ensures it a place in interiors and halls of the same originally French style. The Rococo model is most remarkable for being white with patinaed features, making it as decorative as its rich, soft and romantic tone - typical of all PETROF instruments.

Petrof P125 G1

P 125 G1 The design cabinet of the G1 adds a number of elegant decorative elements to the classical appearance of the P125. This means it not only sounds good, but looks splendid too. Its qualities shine in a whole range of musical ensembles, schools, and places of entertainment, as well as in the foyers of theatres and concert halls, where its characteristic romantic sound gives pleasure to pianists and audiences alike.

Petrof P131 M1

P 131 M1 (Rigorous design, open heart) Because of the power and colour of its tone, we also place the P 131 M1 among the concert instruments of the Highest Series. This piano places no limits on the musicians� art, creating generous space for their self-fulfilment. This piano is remarkable for the modern, simplified design of its cabinet, making it an ideal addition to many music schools and larger interiors.

Petrof P135 K1

P 135 K1 (The exceptional heritage of our ancestors) Meet the tallest upright of the PETROF brand, which boasts the greatest sound potential. Its size makes it ideal for discerning professional pianists and audiences. This is an instrument of masterly construction intended for music schools, home interiors, and for the performance of musical works with orchestra. Its uniqueness is enhanced by the unusual design of the music stand, but lies most of all in its powerful, open and colourful tone.


Atelier Mitani, in cooperation with PETROF, has created a unique instrument that combines Japanese craftmanship and music, precision and piano construction from the Czech Republic. With the use of the traditional Japanese technique of maki-e, the piano is decorated with butterfly motives. One of these is the national butterfly of Japan called Japanese Emperor. When changing the incident light, butterflies look alive. The grass is represented by a cut of golden slices, along with the inserted mother-of-pearl pieces.

Petrof P 122 H1

We developed the P122 H1 in answer to customer requests. With the design of its cabinet, and especially its distinctive keybed, it proudly harks back to the roots of the piano-maker's art in Europe. While at first sight the cabinet appears minimalistic, it boasts some precisely elaborate and detailed features. The final shape of the instrument was the inspiration of specialists at our Technological centre, and we are sure that this piano will find many happy customers.