The C. Bechstein piano-making philosophy is unique. A key principle is that virtually all components contribute to the sound quality. Besides this, a holistic approach to the musical instrument as we emphasize the stability and durability of our pianos. The singing tone and the resilience of C. Bechstein pianos are indeed a point of reference. Manufacturing the acoustic assembly plays a key role in the entire manufacturing process. The acoustic assemblyis a complex system including the architecture of the soundboard, the back frame and respectively the rim-and-cabinet system in grand pianos and even the keybed, the basis for the action assembly.

A visit to PETERSON showrooms offers you the unique opportunityto see, hear and try used Bechstein pianos alongsidethe other leading top quality brands such as Bluithner, Bösendorfer, Grotrian-Steinweg and Steinway & Sons in order to make aninformed choice according to your individual preference.


PETERSON specialises in rebuilding classical Bechstein pianos to their original beauty and tonal quality. We arecommitted to using genuine manufacturer materials throughout when restoring these masterpieces.We display a range of fully restored Bechstein pianos available for purchase as well as the new models in our extensive showrooms.

PETERSON is well acquainted with the restoration of these fine quality instruments and the high standard of materials that form the construction of these German masterpieces. Our craftsmen and technicians’ expertise in restoring and finely adjusting these pianos for over thirty years means a Bechstein bought from PETERSON will be regulated and voiced at the optimum level.

It is, therefore, our honour to offer nearly new Bechstein pianos from the historical piano makers


The age of each C.Bechstein piano is determined by the serial number which is found on the cast i ron plate (frame) near the tuning pins or on the soundboard. Reference the number with our comprehensive tables of data to ascertain the year in which the instrument’s frame was cast.


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