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Since 1988, SCHIMMEL grand and upright pianos have participated in international evaluations. The various awards provide testimony that the performance of the Schimmel instruments is widely acknowledged by experts.

This year NAMM Show 2020 in California, the international piano magazine,“Piano Buyer”, has tested new upright Schimmel model C 121.

As a result, Piano Buyer “ published in their last issue a commendable review, which was very impressive. Here are some feedback on the new model C121 from the lastest review of the magazine

Feedback on our new model C 121 from the latest re- view of the magazine “Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer“
spring issue 2020 as follows :

| “. . . it can provide a rewarding musical experience for the professional musician or teacher while still looking good in any room of the house.”

| “. . . the first thing that struck me about the C 121 was just how beautiful it looks. The polished ebony case of the example I saw was very elegant.”

| “The piano seemed solidly built, too, without loo- king industrial.”

| “Right away, the C 121’s tone struck me as being exceptionally well balanced throughout the range — rich and singing, particularly in the ‘killer’ fifth octave, so called because of the technical difficulty in most piano designs of getting the notes of that octave to sing. In fact, the tone had long sustain and excellent clarity, and was very subtle and complex — more refined than that of its nearest competitors from Japan.”

| “. . . at no point did I find the tone lacking.”

| “The action was comfortable to play, with a me- dium touch, neither light nor heavy. It was easy to produce a full range of dynamics, the piano never distorting or prematurely reaching its maximum vo lume when I played fortissimo, and in the pianissimo dynamic the tone had a beautiful crystalline quality.”

| “The touch of this C 121 had extremely low inertia (a measure of mass in the keys and action), which means that it would be possible to play it for a long time without experiencing fatigue.”

| “The pedaling was very comfortable, and the pedal action allowed for some really subtle half-pedal effects, unusual on an upright.”

| “The touch with [ the soft pedal] was still very com- fortable. On some uprights, the touch can feel really loose with the half-blow pedal engaged; that Schim- mel has overcome this problem is encouraging.”

| “It’s a fine piano with a wide range of applications in private home use, study, and piano teaching.”

| “Solidly built, it would easily withstand the rigors of institutional use. The C 121 would be an excellent choice for churches, theaters, and venues that requi- re a good instrument but don’t need a grand piano for solo recitals.”

| “And although the solo repertoire by no means sounded wanting on this piano, accompanists and vocal coaches will appreciate its warm, intimate tone, a sound that lends itself particularly well to lieder.”



The well-established and ideal construction concepts for the large Konzert grand piano K 280 have been consistently integrated into the smaller models where possible with identical construction. This enables pianists to enjoy the benefits of the outstanding touch and tonal characteristics of a large Konzert grand even when performing on smaller models in which, concept is unique worldwide


The large keyboard action assembly of the longest grand piano is integrated into the smaller model series, therefore providing optimum leverage ratios, allowing the pianist the best possible control over their performance. The dimensions of the soundboard are extraordinarily large in comparison to the length of the instrument, these zones permit a greater tonal volume and a superior tonal distribution.


Only spruce grown in high Bavarian forestry mountain can be used to make a high quality soundboard. This woods are rare and precious, exclusively reserved for Schimmel. Soundboards are curved in 3 dimensions KNOWN as ‘crown’ to promote ideal vibrational properties to enable the production of the characteristic rich palette of tonal colours, extended length of tone and excellent tuning stability.


Through the Triplex Scale the notes in parts of the middle and treble range are produced with the aid of three exactly coordinated areas of a single string, resulting in an increased richness in tone and a longer speaking length of these notes.


Here are just a few of our amazing clients we have the pleasure to have worked with over the years


Schimmel Classic C169

C169 is in our opinion, the best piano available, of its size. The 169 is the smallest member of the Konzert range yet its action is taken directly from the 7 foot 213 grand as well as most of its scaling, creating a beautifully balanced sounding piano. The sound produced by this instrument is typical of the Konzert series with a great range of dynamics, superb sustain, beautiful clarity and a large palette of tone colors.

Schimmel Classic C182 Art Nouvo

Classic C182 ART NOUVO C182 Art Nouvo is a beautiful instrument of the highest quality.

Schimmel Classic C189

Specifications : L (inches) | H x W x D (cm) : 6'2 "| 189 x 102 x 154 Weight (lbs | kg) : 796 | 361

Schimmel Classic C213

Specifications : L (inches) | H x W x D (cm) : 7'| 213 x 102 x 154 Weight (lbs | kg) : 871 | 395

Schimmel Concert K189 NWS

K189 NWS is a beautiful instrument of the highest quality. At 6ft 3?, it is perfect for both domestic and concert hall settings and is an exceptionally balanced sounding piano. The sound produced by the Schimmel K189 is typical of the Konzert series with a great range of dynamics, superb sustain, beautiful clarity and a large palette of tone colors

Schimmel Concert K195

K195 is one of the most versatile pianos in the Schimmel Konzert lineup. Perfect for teaching studios, smaller church sanctuaries, and ideal for most living rooms, the Model K195 has the benefit of the concert grand action that all the Konzert Series share.

Schimmel Concert K213 NWS

K213 NWS is a beautiful instrument of the highest quality. At 7ft 1?, it is perfect for both domestic and concert hall settings and is an exceptionally balanced sounding piano. The sound produced by the Schimmel K213 is typical of the Konzert series with a great range of dynamics, superb sustain, beautiful clarity and a large palette of tone colors

Schimmel Konzert Grand Piano K280

Schimmel Konzert Grand Piano K280 Accolades from competent sources are balm for the soul for our piano manufacturers. Specification H x W x D (cm) : 230 x 102 x 154 Weight (kg) : 550

Schimmel Concert K230

Schimmel Concert Series Traditional K230 Grand Piano Specifications : L (inches) | H x W x D (cm) : 7 '6 "| 230 x 102 x 154 Weight (lbs | kg) : 990 | 450

Wilhelm Schimmel W206

With this model W206 Tradition, WIlhlem Schimmel has produced a grand piano which is capable of doing justice to the major works of the piano repertoire.

Wilhelm Schimmel W180

Simple elegance and traditional piano manufacturing meet in our small Wilhelm Schimmel grand piano. A wonderful symbiosis which allows a musical experience for all the senses. Something you can see and hear.

Wilhelm Schimmel W123

Wilhelm Schimmel W123 is the largest model in the Wilhelm Schimmel range and has an impressive bass, with balanced tone throughout.

Schimmel Classic C130

This is why the combination of first-class sound and corresponding design is so vital. The unostentatiously elegant C 130 Tradition is one of the great pianos of its type and an instrument of excellence in itself. Touch and tone are harmonised perfectly from the powerful bass notes up to the sparkling treble register. We also deliver the black polished version with an oval panel inlay � a small but effective stylistic element.

Schimmel Concert K132

Patience is the mother of quality. Sometimes, 300 years of patience are necessary. This is the age of some of our mountain spruce wood which is utilized for the manufacture of the soundboards.

Schimmel International I123

This piano is a bit like an opera singer: handsome, self confident and capable of exceptional sound projection. This is not only guaranteed by the height of 123 centimeters but also by the special Schimmel construction of the acoustic body and action.

Wilhem W118

Wilhem W118 beautifully balanced sound from this mid-size upright piano.

Schimmel Art Collection K208 Pegasus

The extraordinarily futuristic yet laconic design breaks all the molds of the traditional grand piano design and re-imagines it as a blazing chariot of which the pianist is a Pegasus taking us, the spectators along for the ride of our lifetime.

Schimmel Art Collection K213 Glas

In its original form, comprised of minerals, it is brittle and fragile. Transparent acrylic plastic, an achievement of modern science, combines the optical characteristics of glass with a flexibility which renders it virtually impervious to damage by impact.Yet in whatever form we encounter it, glass has an enchantment all its own.

Schimmel Classic C126

What happens when the principle of the golden section is transferred to a piano? It produces well-proportioned models such as the C 126 Tradition. In art and architecture, the golden section is frequently considered as the ideal proportions between certain combinations of lengths and is also viewed as being the epitome of aesthetics and harmony. Seen from this aspect, this model certainly fulfills all criteria.