Schimmel Art Collection K208 Pegasus

Code: K208 Pegasus

The extraordinarily futuristic yet laconic design breaks all the molds of the traditional grand piano design and re-imagines it as a blazing chariot of which the pianist is a Pegasus taking us, the spectators along for the ride of our lifetime.

Every once in a while a new design come to life that changes what we thought possible. It takes a familiar form and with one virtuoso gesture transforms it into something unexpected, new and incredibly exciting.

That is what a designer Luigi Colani and artisans at Schimmel did when they crafted Pegasus. The trailblazing concept of merging the piano with its bench creates a cradle-like enclosure within which pianist is physically integrated with the instrument, becoming one with the piano in a very literal sense.

Specifications : L (inches) | H x W x D (cm) : 11'8 "| 300 x 172 x 112 Weight (lbs | kg) : 1146 | 520


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