The new transparency. The Vitrea's vitality derives from the contrast between its cool glass front panel and the warm wood tones of the body panels that surround the glass. The Vitrea is particularly suited for light-flooded rooms with large glass surfaces, beautiful wood flooring and contemporary furnishings. The essence of its esthetic is the sharp contrast between light and dark that gives structure to the design.

The Vitrea materials: The front is made of frosted glass, which is available in two nuanced shades. It is framed with narrow chrome strips. The body, lid and keyboard frame are made of oak. One can choose a light, natural-wood finish or a dark stain. All metal parts are chrome plated.

Details accentuate the design. The Vitrea stands on chrome-plated steel feet. The lid opens to form a winged profile to direct the sound into the room. The idea of a glass front panel was inspired by the glass facades of the modern architecture that characterizes today's world-class cities: straight lines, clear, transparent.


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