Masterclass 130 | SAUTER, Germany

Code: Masterclass 130

The sound for the most discerning ear. In technical terms, the uprights in the Master Class line are among the very best pianos built. They are ideal for playing demanding pieces and achieving concert-quality sound. Unique is the sostenuto pedal, which is usually only found on grand pianos. This is how these SAUTER uprights achieve the tone of a grand piano.

To ensure the proper feel, the sharps are made of ebony. And our eye-catching cast plates are hand-polished with a top-quality finish. The inner case and hammer rests are finished with bird's-eye maple laminate. The highest demands that can be placed on an upright piano have been realized in SAUTER's Master Class.

Exclusive details: Hammer heads with walnut cores and hand-selected, high-quality felts for nearly unlimited expressivity. Perfect, classic cabinetry. Grand-quality resonating body. Sound board of the finest spruce from the Fiemme Valley, the same wood Stradivarius used to make violins. Double repetition action, hygrometer, brass casters, hydraulic fall damper.


  • Dimensions H x W x D (cm): 130 x 149.5 x 61
  • Weight (kg): 240
Masterclass 130 | SAUTER, Germany Masterclass 130 | SAUTER, Germany

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