Wilh. Steinberg IQ16 Cherry Satin (1996), made in Eisenberg, Germany

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Wilh. Steinberg IQ16 Cherry Satin (1996), made in Eisenberg, Germany


WILH. STEINBERG pianos are reputed in inheriting handcraft piano-making tradition. Combining modern technology, WILH. STEINBERG pianos have accomplished an outstanding success. Eisenberg has already established its own piano-making experience over 135 years, which guarantees perfect German quality pianos for every customer with satisfaction by its reliable performance, outstanding touch and convenient care in reasonable prices. Before any piano leaves the factory, it has to go through a battery of tests and procedures, the most critical being the soundboard test.? Pianos made during the early days of its 135 year history originally used individually numbered solid wood spruce from Italy�s Val di Fiemme district.?Trees from the region can grow to 1,000m tall and posses tight growth rings, one of the most important contributing factors to the outstanding quality of WILH. STEINBERG pianos. It was understood that, like WILH. STEINBERG pianos, the Stradivarius violins were also made from wood sourced from this region. The unique characteristics of the wood imbued the finished instruments with an exhilarating sound quality and intense tonal properties that would attract global acclaim.


WILH. STEINBERG Pre-Owned pianos have wonderful musical and aesthetic character, making them an excellent value for a discerning buyer. Before being approved for addition to our inventory, every pre-owned piano is inspected by our supplier in Germany to ensure that it has been properly maintained and cared for. Thus, these pianos will last for many decades and provide musical enjoyment for generations to come.

  • SERIAL# 171148
  • BRAND. Wilh. Steinberg
  • TYPE Upright SIZE 152 W x 116 H x 62 D
  • FINISHING Cherry Satin
  • MODEL 116 YEAR 1996
  • STYLE Standard
  • Warranty 5 years

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