Sauter 125 Walnut Satin S/N 80250 (1984)

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Dimensions 152 * 125 * 65 cm
Colour Walnut Satin
Conditins Pre-Owned
Manufacturer SAUTER
Age Circa 1984
Upright Piano Sizing -cm * -cm
Warranty Length 5 Years
SERIAL #80250

Sauter 125 Walnut Satin S/N 80250 (1984)

Sauter, in Germany, started building pianos nearly 200 years ago. The Sauter piano firm was founded in 1819 by JohaSauter are one of only a few piano manufacturers who craft their instruments entirely in house using only components made in Germany�and will continue to do so in the future. To this day, our manufacturing philosophy sets the tone at SAUTER. Throughout the company's history, all the parts that contribute to the spirit of a piano have been crafted by hand.

Sauter Pre-Owned pianos have wonderful musical and aesthetic character, making them an excellent value for a discerning buyer. Before being approved for addition to our inventory, every pre-owned piano is inspected by our supplier in Germany to ensure that it has been properly maintained and cared for. Thus, these pianos will last for many decades and provide musical enjoyment for generations to come.

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