ATLAS S/N 23794 (Height 130 cm) - Used Piano

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ATLAS S/N 23794 (Height 130 cm) - Used Piano

ATLAS S/N 23794 (Height 130 cm) - Used Piano

Atlas Japanese made Upright Piano in black high gloss finish.

Atlas pianos were hand made in Hamamatsu Japan, the same city where Yamaha and Kawai pianos are made. This piano has been designed and hand made to a very high build quality, the playing action is by Atlas,and is one of the finest piano action made. The piano has a wonderful tone, more European than Asian, with a very deep and resonant bass that progresses through to a bright and singing treble. The tone can be attributed to the quality of master crafted soundboard.  The Atlas action is immediate and responsive, very accurate, it allows the pianist to play to the softest of volumes and then to the loudest with ease of control. This is a professional standard piano that will suit the most discerning of pianists.

This Atlas Upright Piano is fitted with middle pedal that when engaged activates a practice rail so quiet time playing is easily attainable without compromising the touch quality and control of the instrument, this is an ideal feature to have when practice is desirable with others in close proximity.

This Atlas Upright Piano is a second hand piano.

We have adjusted this Atlas to play to a high concert standard - one of our technicians is a factory trained Yamaha Concert technician and this expertise has been used to present one of the finest Japanese pianos you will ever play and hear. 

Features found on this Atlas piano -

  • Select solid spruce sound board
  • hand made build quality
  • High quality Japanese playing action
  • High wearing high gloss black finish
  • middle practice pedal
  • full 5 year warranty

            Piano Dimensions - Height: 128cm / Width:153.5cm / Depth: 63cm

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