Wilhlem Schimmel W123T | SCHIMMEL, Germany

Code: Wilhlem Schimmel W123T

Music-making is far more than merely hitting the correct note: it broadens horizons, awaken emotions and creates new opportunities for self-expression. The production of traditional piano manufacturing contributes to that playing xperience. The sound and durability inspire enthusiasm for beginners as well as advanced musicians.

The Wilhelm Collection is the Third tier in Schimmel’s piano range after the Konzert and Classic series. The Wilhelm series is made in Europe in a Schimmel-owned facility. There are two grand pianos and four upright pianos in the range. Wilhelm pianos feature a traditional look, solid workmanship and european sound.

This is your entry into the world of European piano music. The sound, action and the entire instrument meets the highest demands within an excellent price point.

Wilhlem Schimmel W123T | SCHIMMEL,  Germany

Wilhelm Schimmel W123 is the largest model in the Wilhelm Schimmel range and has an impressive bass, with balanced tone throughout.

Specifications : H (inches) | H x W x D (cm) : 48"| 122.5 x 148 x 59 Weight (lbs | kg) : 514 | 233

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