SEILER 118 Oak Satin S/N 124238 (1981) | SEILER, Germany

Code: SEILER 118 Oak Satin (1981)

Seiler piano have been meticulously handcrafted in Europe since 1849 and by the early 1920s, Seiler had become the largest piano maker in Eastern Europe, producing about 3000 pianos yearly. One of Asia’s leading piano makers Samick purchased Seiler in 2008, and now Seiler continues to handcraft their pianos the way they always have in Kitzingen, Germany, but Samick expanded the piano line up to include two more affordable lines of pianos, in an effort to bring the essence of legendary Seiler pianos to all players. The Eduard Seiler line are exact replicas of the German models, made in Samick’s state of the art Indonesian factory, while the Johannes Seiler line is all unique scale designs and made in this same factory.

  • MODEL : 118
  • SERIAL#124238
  • SIZE : 118cm
  • FINISHING : Oak Satin
  • YEAR : 1981
  • TYPE : Grand Pre-Owned
  • WARRANTY : 5 years

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