Schimmel Fridolin F116T White Polished | FRIDOLIN

Code: Schimmel Fridolin F116T White Polished

Introducing the New Standard in Affordable Premium Pianos

From the acclaimed Schimmel brand family comes a new line of premium upright pianos, designed in Germany and offering an outstanding sound and touch. 

There are many good reasons why the Schimmel instruments have remained the best-selling German pianos for decades. Numerous innovations provide pianists playing smaller pianos with the sound and touch characteristics of a full size concert grand piano. In addition, Schimmel's status as the most awarded German piano maker supports their great popularity. Above all, however, is Schimmel's passion to create flexible, musically inspiring instruments which are built to give you lasting musical experiences.

The Fridolin F 116

This is a compact piano without compromise. The Fridolin 116 benefits particularly from the long-established Schimmel piano construction, with enormous tonal complexity and sound power, comparable to much larger pianos. This model is ideal for home practice and studio use.

The Fridolin F 116 is the most compact model, with rich tone and beautiful playing comfort. This model is very popular and is now on display at Bernies Music Land.

Schimmel Fridolin F116T White Polished | FRIDOLIN

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