Schimmel Concert K132 | SCHIMMEL, Germany

Code: Concert K132

Patience is the mother of quality. Sometimes, 300 years of patience are necessary.

This is the age of some of our mountain spruce wood which is utilized for the manufacture of the soundboards.

This wood is cultivated in high mountainous areas under the most difficult conditions, and only a minimal percentage of the wood is produced � exclusively resonance wood � can be considered for the manufacture of our soundboards.

The very best quality is a vital factor as the soundboards are the heart of our instruments: their vibration properties and stability are of decisive importance for the beautiful tone of our upright and grand pianos. Only our stringent selection process can guarantee the tonal richness, extremely long speaking length of the notes and excellent durability of Schimmel instruments.

Specifications : H (inches) | H x W x D (cm) : 52"| 132 x 149 x 62 Weight (lbs | kg) : 580 | 263
Schimmel Concert K132 | SCHIMMEL,  Germany

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