Schimmel 116 Empire / Pyramid Mahogany Polished S/N 174202 (1985), made in Braunschieg, Germany | SCHIMMEL, Germany

Code: 116 Empire Mahogany Polished


Schimmel pianos are among the finest pianos in the world. Schimmel pianos are manufactured to high standards at the Schimmel factory in Braunschweig, Germany. Schimmel are one of the world�s most prestigious piano makers and their instruments have won many plaudits and awards. Schimmel is the choice of the astute musician who is concerned with quality of sound and mechanical responsiveness above brand name.


SCHIMMEL Pre-Owned pianos have wonderful musical and aesthetic character, making them an excellent value for a discerning buyer. Before being approved for addition to our inventory, every pre-owned piano is inspected by our supplier in Germany to ensure that it has been properly maintained and cared for. Thus, these pianos will last for many decades and provide musical enjoyment for generations to come.

  • BRAND : Schimmel
  • MODEL : 116 Empire
  • SERIAL# 174202 SIZE : 152 W x 116 H x 65 D
  • FINISHING : Pyramid Mahogany Polished
  • YEAR : 1988
  • TYPE : Upright Preowned
  • STYLE : Empire with Pyramid Mahogany
  • Warranty : 5 years

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