PETROF P125G1 | PETROF, Czech Republic

Code: PETROF P125G1

PETROF P 125G1 have captured the hearts of our customers and eliminates any difference the pianist may perceive between playing a grand piano and playing an ordinary upright. Its action really makes you feel as if you were playing a grand, without in any way losing its typical, high-quality PETROF sound.

The optimal height of the instruments, which at the same time maintain their outstanding acoustic capacity. This gives them a wide dynamic range and an unusually rich sound. Every Petrof instrument is fully made in Czech Repulic to ensure their excellent quality. Petrof upright has a surprisingly powerful yet gentle tone that will transport you to the concert hall. They glow with energy and with that characteristic romantic tone that is continually being perfected by our technology.

PETROF P125G1  | PETROF, Czech Republic

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