IBACH 116 Baroque with 2 Lamps S/N 132115 walnut satin (1986) | IBACH, Germany

Code: Ibach Baroque 112 with Lamp

ABOUT THIS PIANO Established in 1794 by Johannes

Adolf Ibach as Ibach Pianos & Organ manufacturers in Germany. Ibach characterize their sound as being firm and transparent in the bass section, rich and warm in the tenor, and with a pearl-like singing tone in the treble, which is maintained at all volumes. Producing a variety of upright and grand pianos, all Ibach instruments are made predominantly by hand. As well as producing a standard series of pianos, Ibach maintain their tradition of designing extraordinary cases.


IBACH Pre-Owned pianos have wonderful musical and aesthetic character, making them an excellent value for a discerning buyer. Before being approved for addition to our inventory, every pre-owned piano is inspected by our supplier in Germany to ensure that it has been properly maintained and cared for. Thus, these pianos will last for many decades and provide musical enjoyment for generations to come.

BRAND : IBACH MODEL : 112 Baroque SERIAL# 132115 SIZE : 152 W x 118 H x 65 D

FINISHING : Walnut Satin YEAR : 1986 TYPE : Upright STYLE : 116 Baroque with 2 lamps Warranty : 5 years

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