Competence 130 | SAUTER, Germany

Code: Competence 130

Nuanced tonal expressivity and touch. The large sound board with the "SAUTER spherical concavity" sounds the highest frequencies and overtones; the classic body reflects the sonorous bass notes excellently for a true aural experience.

Only in SAUTER pianos will you find double repetition action, an absolutely robust, wear-free construction that facilitates the touch of a grand piano. Additionally, SAUTER pianos in this series possess a finer string scale, leading to a more balanced radiation of sound from treble to bass.

The larger sound board places even greater demands on the action, making it possible to hear and experience the resonant sound. This SAUTER piano thus has an even more advanced action with optimized leverage. This makes it easier to add nuanced expressivity to one's playing. SAUTER builds its 122/130 series of pianos primarily for the passionate pianist who has already mastered the basics of piano playing.

Exclusive details: double repetition action, damping pedal, lock and double brass casters, hydraulic fall damper.


  • Dimensions H x W x D (cm): 130 x 149 x 60.5
  • Weight (kg): 214
Competence 130 | SAUTER, Germany Competence 130 | SAUTER, Germany

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