C.BECHSTEIN L167 Walnut Satin S/N 167386 (Made in Germany, Year 1974) | C. BECHSTEIN, Germany

Code: L 167 WALNUT SATIN S/N 167386

Bechstein pianos are built to last. Each of them is cherished, belongs to a family and is handed down from one generation to the next. Nonetheless, its personal history may get lost. Some instruments have entertained prominent figures, stood in palaces or even belonged to famous musicians; others have traveled the world or even survived wars unscathed. Thanks to their top-quality design and materials, Bechstein grand pianos are virtually indestructible.

All the instruments we produce have their own identity: the “large serial number” usually inscribed on the cast-iron frame and recorded in our production books along with the date of delivery and the name of the first owner. Apart from a few missing pages that were destroyed during the war, this tradition can be traced back to 1853. Upon request, we can send you your piano’s archive data, but bear in mind that we are unable to accept any liability for such archival information.

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