Bluthner Model 4 S/N 147679 (1988) | C. BECHSTEIN, Germany

Code: Bluthner Model 4 S/N 147679 (1988)


Since 1853, Bl�thner pianos have been exclusively manufactured in Leipzig, Germany. They carry on the legacy of the founder, Julius Bl�thner, to build the best pianos in the world. The highest standards of precision and craftsmanship have been achieved here for over 150 years. For all professional requirements, the Model 4 fits the demands of larger music rooms, smaller concert halls or music studios. Its 210cm length gives more power to its lyrical tone qualities so that it can more than meet the needs of the most demanding pianist. One proud owner write: "It can be powerful and strong, spoil you with romantic and lyrical sounds or just captivate the pianist and the audience". This says it all.


Bluther Pre-Owned pianos have wonderful musical and aesthetic character, making them an excellent value for a discerning buyer. Before being approved for addition to our inventory, every pre-owned piano is inspected by our supplier in Germany to ensure that it has been properly maintained and cared for. Thus, these pianos will last for many decades and provide musical enjoyment for generations to come.

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