The Peterson guide to Fazioli Grand Piano Sizes

By: Peterson

F156 & F183 - Fazioli Baby Grand Piano

The Fazioli baby grands offer a lot to a piano lower and professional pianists. For small homes, practice studios and apartments, the Fazioli F156 (5'2) and F183 (6') offer the full range of dynamic performance while remaining conveniently small.

Fazioli F183

F212 & F228 - Fazioli Grand Piano

The Fazioli F212 (6'11) is a medium sized grand perfectly suited for chamber music performances, professional studios, small churches and rehearsal spaces. The smaller proportions of F212 make it a viable choice of integrating a grand piano into an interior without it dominating the space. We are very comfortable recommending this model for standard home use while the Fazioli F228 (7'6) is a smaller rendition of the concert grand F278. It retains the power and agility of the larger instrument, and is well suited for medium size venues, small halls and churches with limited piano floor space.

Fazioli F228

F278 & F308 - Fazioli Concert Grand Piano

The Fazioli F278 (9'2) is the second largest concert grand in the Fazioli ranges. Built for concert halls, it is a perfect size for substantial performance venues. The instrument is powerful; designed for virtuoso pianists on the world's premier stages. This is the model most frequently chosen by music lovers with large homes while the Fazioli F308 (10'2) is the company's flagship concert grand. With its impressive length, one foot longer than most, it is the largest grand in the world. ( Note that this model has four pedals ). The advantage of a longer piano is the longer strings produce great power and richness of sound. It also increases the emotions or expressiveness. This concert grand is easily heard clear to the back of a concert hall, even when accompanied by a full symphonic orchestra. The workmanship that goes into these Fazioli instruments gives them the ability to retain harmonic balance better than other brands, ensuring that close or spread octaves alike have a purity and brilliance that produces virtually beatless perfect fifths. Fazioli concert grands enable technicians to artistically voice an instrument with the excellence of their soundboard wood, the rim stock, and the hammers.

There are many opinions about the extent to which a pianist can affect the tone of a piano while playing. but it is a fact that, with the more sensitive actions of high-quality instruments like the Fazioli, the skilled pianist is able to more reliably control the speed of the hammers' attack on the string, and thus create a wider tonal palette, giving the audience a better and more nuanced musical experiences.