Fazioli and the International Piano Competitions

By: Peterson

FAZIOLI at the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master – Tel Aviv
Due to the pandemic, the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition is offering a new and unique format that combines online broadcasts and live performances, with audience.
Stages I & II will be pre-recorded in five cities around the world: Tel Aviv, New York, London, Potsdam and Beijing. 
FAZIOLI will be onstage in each of this locations among the instruments of different brands on the contestants’ choice.
The recitals will be performed as a live concert, but without an audience, and will be broadcast on 1 – 10 April on the Competition's website.
Finals will take place in concert halls in Tel Aviv with audience (and on the internet), between  29 April and 3 May.
More info: https://arims.org.il/schedule-2021/
FAZIOLI at the SIPCA – Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia
The Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia, for its online edition, chose a very rigorous format where contestants are requested to arrange their recordings by themselves but following a specific and very detailed technical brief, that makes impossible any inequalities among the contestants regardless the chosen venue and recording team.
The SIPCA only provided the contestants with a list of possible recording venues able to respect their brief.
FAZIOLI contributed to this list with some suggestions worldwide. Also the Fazioli Concert Hall in Sacile has been hosting competitors for their first and second rounds video recordings.
The pre-recorded online sessions will be broadcasted from 2-18 July 2021.

More info: https://thesydney.com.au/online-competition/