How to disinfect the piano during Covid-19?

By: peterson

There are certified keyboard disinfectant cleaning products on the market.
However, home-made easy solutions can be used safely and effectively.

Everybody knows the most important rule: We should always wash our hands thoroughly before touching the piano keyboard! Please follow the guidance below:

1. 150ml of water
2. 3 ml of dish detergent
3. 2 ml of disinfectant solution (hand certified sanitizing solution)

Please not that liquid should never be sprayed directly on the keys but a small amount of liquid should be poured (or sprayed) onto a cloth.
Don’t use a "horizontal" movement on the keyboard, but clean key by key vertically.
It’s recommendable to clean one octave at a time, so you can immediately pass a dry and soft cloth, with the same procedure, to dry any trace of liquid as soon as possible.

According to Fazioli’s Keyboard manufacturers, an even simpler solution is equally effective, composed by:
- 30% of "90° denatured alcohol"
- 70% of distilled water

We recommend NOT to use alcohol concentration higher than 30%.In any case, in order to avoid damaging the key cover, especially the black keys ebony, it is important not to rub the surface too vigorously, 

We hope these indications are useful and invite you to contact us for any clarification if need.