How to choose a piano a bench?

By: peterson

There is various reason of choosing piano bench, below are different aspect of location of the bench:


It is enough for a household to buy an easy-to-manipulate and comfortable bench because the usage frequency is not as high as in schools or concert halls.

Schools, concert halls, and other institution


A stable and easily positioned bench should be required for the institution because it will be used daily. Therefore, it is better to avoid screw benches.
For concert halls, schools, and other institutions it is better to choose a massive design. 

Bench colour 

The last aspect is to specify the details for the bench to match your instrument. There is a wide range of piano colours you can choose from. However, to pick the shade your piano has, can be challenging, especially if you have a lighter piano colour. For sure, you can choose an all-purpose black colour in both matte and gloss finish.

Seat colour 

Bench seats are available in various colours. When choosing a bench, please, take into consideration the maintenance of the seat. Even though brighter colours matching the piano might seem like a great choice, but they show visible abrasion and smudges. That is why we recommend darker seat colours.

Seat material 

With rotary benches, you can choose the material used for the seat. Leatherette seats are resilient and durable, although, they may not be as comfortable during the summer months as velvet surface. On the other hand, velvet seats are easily damaged and scratched.